Smarter HOA | HOA Communications
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HOA Communications

Smarter HOA’s accounting and administrative duties for your HOA include helping manage the communications required to keep your HOA compliant, and to keep your community running smoothly.

Our Communications Services Include:

Customized Websites

Visitors and owners can access HOA information directly through your website customized specifically for your association. All by-laws and other public documents can be easily accessed online.

Meeting Communications

We keep you in compliance by handling all the communication aspects of your meetings, including notices, agenda preparation, conference calling, meeting minutes for future reference.


We work with you to establish a routine and process for managing newsletters, and then we stay on top of that schedule.

Meeting Planning

Smarter HOA helps you prepare budgets, proposed slates and other documents to send to the board in advance of meetings.

Emergency Alerts

Through our HOA website technology, we facilitate rapid alerts via text in cases of evacuations or other emergencies.

Community Communications

Through our HOA website technology, we make it easy to maintain community calendars, home owner directories, open forum discussion groups, photo galleries, neighborhood classifieds for lost and found and other communications posted among neighbors.

Key Issue Communication

Our web-based technology enables you to solicit your HOA members on key issues when appropriate.

New Members

We ‘on-board’ your new neighbors with new member welcome packages, ensuring that their information is up to date in directories, and that titles are properly transferred.

Maintenance Tracking

Through our web-based systems, we track maintenance requests and work order dispatching.

Covenant Enforcement

Smarter HOA sends out violation letters when we are alerted that an HOA code or covenants has been broken.